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Ken Reily

Ken Reily

Ken Reily is an instructor of Information Science and Computer Science at the University of Minnesota. In addition to my role at the University, I provide consulting services in software research, software development and architecture, process development, and training/education.

Prior to my current roles, I was a Senior Technical Manager for 3M’s Electronics and Energy Group Laboratory. As a manager and technical leader, I played a key role in several new business development programs at 3M including 3M’s RFID File Tracking, RFID Specimen Tracking, and RFID anti-counterfeiting technology. Prior to my role with 3M I held positions with Cargill, Inc. and Microsoft. At Microsoft, I contributed to the development of the original .NET platform. At Cargill, I was a subsystem designer for the Lynx application, a global grain origination system.

Beyond my professional work and teaching, I have published a number of academic papers regarding tracking, mapping, mobile applications, and computer science education. I have been invited to speak in various forums about topics such as RFID tracking and information management in health care, and using Elliptic Curve Cryptography to combat pharmaceutical counterfeiting. I am also a board member for Lifeline Pilots, an organization of volunteer pilots that provides free air transportation for medical patients in need.

My personal philosophy is that teaching, research, and industry practice are complementary activities. I bring a unique mix of experience in all 3 areas for the benefit of your institution or organization.

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