We take great pride in the reputation of our Accounting Department faculty and doctoral program. It is one of the premier theoretical accounting programs in the nation, ranked #1 in analytical financial accounting. Empirical research is also a strong and fast-growing component of the program. Areas of faculty expertise include theory of contracting, cost allocation, disclosure, valuation, market efficiency, and accounting regulation. The faculty are dedicated to working closely with students to prepare them to enter academia, greatly enhancing student placement opportunities.

Message from Frank Gigler, Accounting Department Chair

The premier reputation of the Accounting PhD program is a point of extreme pride for our Department’s faculty. And we are committed to upholding and expanding this reputation through our continued dedication to working closely with our students in preparing them to enter a life of scholarly research.

Our program is focused on two areas of accounting research: Analytical/Theoretical Modeling and Empirical Financial Accounting. We offer a wide array of seminars, an active research workshop series, and host two national research conferences each year; all focused on the two areas of research we emphasize. Our students thereby gain immediate and continued exposure to the most important research in our field in “real-time”.

We feel that the measure of any PhD program is the success of its graduates, so we are especially proud of our performance on this dimension. Our graduates have been placed at and tenured at the most prestigious business schools in the nation, including those at Carnegie Mellon University, University of California Berkeley, University of Chicago, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of Texas Austin, Northwestern University and Ohio State University.


PhD Coordinator

Pervin Shroff

Professor Pervin Shroff

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Professor Shroff

Alumni Perspective

Xin Dai

"...(The Carlson School PhD Program) it offers a vibrant intellectual atmosphere and renowned faculty members...This is one of the few places where you can obtain solid training in both analytical and empirical accounting research..."

- Xin Dai, 2014, Drexel University