Lifelong Learning

At the the Carlson School, we believe learning doesn't end at graduation, but takes on a new form in the workplace driven by a continued curiosity of the world. The School offers lifelong learning opportunities through events, conferences, workshops, and access to the latest research in your field.

Executive Education

Do you need a Carlson School refresher?

Take time away from your desk to learn from world-class faculty and practioners to enhance your skills in a Carlson Executive Education program. In addition, during your class you will get to network with industry leaders. Executive Education offers concise, 2-3 day public programs that deliver content guaranteed to help you stay ahead in your career.

Are you seeking to train and develop your team? Solve a business challenge?

Partner with Carlson Executive Education to build capabilities and discover fresh strategies to improve your business results. Tap in to the Carlson School expertise in three ways:

  • Tailored Courses: Tailor an existing program from the Carlson School course catalog
  • Custom Programs: Foster your top talent in a dynamic, customized training experience
  • Advisory Services: Get one-on-one guidance to address your business’ most urgent challenges and opportunities



  • HR Tomorrow: The premier professional development event for human resources and labor relations professionals.
  • Women's Leadership Conference: A forum for leadership and professional development created to inspire and activate women in the workplace.