Suvrat Dhanorkar

PhD Student
Supply Chain & Operations Department


  • Master's Business Administration 2010
    Management, University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business

  • PG Diploma 2008
    Operations Management SIBM, India

  • PhD Business Administration Expected 2015
    Supply Chain & Operations University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management

  • Bachelor's in Engineering 2006
    Electronics University of Pune, India


  • Online Reuse Markets
  • Sustainable Supply Chains & Operations
  • Empirical Research Methods
  • Environmental Policy

I am a final year PhD Candidate (expected graduation in June 2015) in Supply Chain & Operations at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management. My research largely falls into two domains.

Leveraging Internet Technologies for Promoting Sharing & Reuse: I am very interested in understanding how internet-based technologies can be leveraged to promote sharing/reuse of products and capacity. My current research attempts to unpack the potential of Online Materials & Waste Exchanges (OMWEs), which are internet-based B2B platforms for promoting reuse through industrial surplus exchanges. I am also investigating other B2C, P2P and Internet Classifieds channels for promoting sharing, renting and reuse.

Examining the Effect of External Influences on Operations: Today, the operations and production functions are no more confined to the walls of the "factory". In light of rapid changes and globalization of supply chains, my research aims to understand how external influences (e.g. regulatory and non-regulatory actions, competition) spur (as well as disrupt) operations.

For my research, I regularly collaborate with local environmental agencies and companies for data collection and research dissemination. My research is funded by the University of Minnesota Graduate Dissertation Fellowship.

Selected Works

  • Repurposing Materials & Waste Through Online Exchanges: Overcoming the Last Hurdle. With Donohue K., Linderman K. Under 3rd Round Review at the Production and Operations Management (POM) Journal (Special Issue on 'Socially Responsible Operations').
    Download (747.78 KB)
  • Promoting Change from the Outside: Externally Managing Improvement Projects. With Siemsen E., Linderman K. Invited Revision at Management Science
    Download (602.19 KB)
  • Deciding When to Implement Compatible Management Standards? The Early Mover Dis(Advantage)? With Su HC., Linderman K. Under 2nd Round Review at the Journal of Operations Management
    Download (602.84 KB)
  • What Drives Environmental Transparency and When Does it Get Rewarded? The Role of History, Status, Industry and Economy. With Devaraj S. Under Review at Production and Operations Management Journal.
    Download (621.06 KB)
  • The Role of Online Intermediaries in Coordinating Industrial Surplus Chains: Operational Policy Change and Adverse Outcomes. With Donohue K. and Linderman K. Working Paper. Being Prepared for Submission to Management Science
    Download (639.63 KB)

Current Activities