Jennifer L. Stoner

PhD Candidate
Marketing Department


  • MBA 2011
    Marketing, Wake Forest University

  • BBA 2003
    Marketing, University of Notre Dame


  • Consumer - Brand Relationships
  • Brand Personalities
  • Power and Social Hierarchies

Selected Works

  • "Cultural Determinants of Status: Implications for Workplace Evaluations and Behaviors," Carlos J. Torelli, Lisa M. Leslie, Jennifer L. Stoner, & Raquel Puente (2014), Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes.
    Download (867.21 KB)
  • "Managing Cultural Equity: A Theoretical Framework for Building Iconic Brands in Globalized Markets," Carlos J. Torelli & Jennifer L. Stoner (2015), Review of Marketing Research
  • "You're Not Fooling Anyone! How Social Feedback Affects Moral Disengagement and the Purchase of Counterfeit Luxury Products," Yajin Wang, Jennifer L. Stoner, & Deborah Roedder John, (invited for revision at Journal of Marketing Research)
  • "When Bigger Isn’t Better: How Perceptions of Market Dominance Interact with Existing Brand Images to Impact Brand Perceptions,” Jennifer L. Stoner & Carlos J. Torelli, (under review at Journal of Consumer Research)
  • “The Name Game: How Naming of Inanimate Objects Promotes Anthropomorphism,” Jennifer L. Stoner & Barbara Loken, (under review at Journal of Consumer Psychology)
  • “Redefining Home: Immigrant State of Mind and Consumer Preferences for Regional Brands,” Carlos J. Torelli, Rohini Ahluwalia, Shirley Y. Y. Cheng, & Jennifer L. Stoner, (under review at Journal of Consumer Research)