Gordon Alexander

Professor, John Spooner Chair in Investment Management


  • BS 1969
    Business Administration State University of New York-Buffalo

  • MBA 1970
    Finance University of Michigan

  • MA 1973
    Mathematics University of Michigan

  • PhD 1975
    Finance University of Michigan


  • Portfolio theory and management

Gordon Alexander received his PhD in finance in 1975 from The University of Michigan, where he received a master's in mathematics in 1973 and an MBA in finance in 1970. He is an expert on portfolio theory and management and his current research focuses on short selling, risk management, market microstructure, and mutual funds. He currently serves on the editorial boards of the European Journal of Finance, the Quarterly Journal of Finance, and the Journal of Economics and Business, and is an advisory editor of The Financial Review. He was president of the Midwest Finance Association in 2008-09 and was a director of the Financial Management Association in 1995-97. He has  published articles in the Journal of Financial Markets, the Journal of Financial Economics, the Journal of Finance, the Review of Financial Studies, and the Journal of Monetary Economics, among others.

Selected Works

  • "Does the Basel Capital Accord Reduce Bank Fragility? An Assessment of the Value-at-Risk Approach," Gordon J. Alexander and Alexandre M. Baptista, Journal of Monetary Economics (October 2006).
  • "Economic Implications of Using a Mean-VaR Model for Portfolio Selection: A Comparison with Mean-Variance Analysis," Gordon J. Alexander and Alexandre M Baptista, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (July 2002).
  • "Short Selling on the New York Stock Exchange and the Effects of the Uptick Rule," Gordon J. Alexander and Mark A. Peterson, Journal of Financial Intermediation (January-April 1999).
  • "An Analysis of Trade-Size Clustering and its Relationship to Stealth Trading," Gordon J. Alexander and Mark A. Peterson, Journal of Financial Economics (May 2007).
  • "Does Motivation Matter When Assessing Trade Performance? An Analysis of Mutual Funds," Gordon J. Alexander, Gjergji Cici, and Scott Gibson, Review of Financial Studies (January 2007).
  • "The Effect of Price Tests on Trader Behavior and Market Quality: An Analysis of Reg SHO," Gordon J. Alexander and Mark A. Peterson, Journal of Financial Markets (February 2008).
  • "Active Portfolio Management with Benchmarking: Adding a Value-at-Risk Constraint," Gordon J. Alexander and Alexandre M. Baptista, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (March 2008).

Current Activities

Current Research

  • Short selling
  • Risk management
  • Market microstructure
  • Mutual funds

Editorial Appointments

  • Editorial Board, European Journal of Finance
  • Advisory Editor, Financial Review
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Economics and Business
  • Editorial Board, Quarterly Journal of Finance

Honors and Awards

  • Best Risk Management Paper, Financial Management Association Conference, 2006
  • Best Market Microstructure Paper, Financial Management Association Conference, 2003
  • Fulbright Fellowship, 1989
  • Best Investments Paper, Midwest Finance Association, 2012
  • Best Investments Paper, Southern Finance Association, 2007
  • Best Financial Institutions Paper, Southern Finance Association, 2013

Scholarly Service

  • Director, Financial Management Association, 1995-97
  • Member, Discipline Advisory Committee for Fulbright Scholar Awards in Business Administration, 1992-95
  • Appointed Advisor Professor, Chongqing University, 1993
  • Keynote Speaker, International Finance Conference, 2003 and 2005; French Finance Association, 2007
  • President, Midwest Finance Association, 2008-09
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