Ventures Enterprise

About the Carlson Ventures Enterprise

Create, develop, and sustain new business ideas in the real world. Through student-led projects, participants champion a new business idea in the real world and develop entrepreneurial skills. In the Carlson Ventures Enterprise, students learn how to solve business problems and evaluate opportunities, then devise and present recommendations to clients that provide a return on investment.

Join a student-led team and work on a live client project for a real company. In the Carlson Ventures Enterprise, MBA students and exceptional undergraduates gain real-world experience while working with clients to assist in the launch of a new venture or product while accelerating their career development. Throughout the three-semester program, the client projects are enhanced by a coursework that teaches the frameworks and methodologies crucial for evaluating and developing new ventures.

Benefits for Students

  • Get direct access to an experienced team of academic and industry advisors who will force you to defend your ideas and help you build on them
  • Be exposed to every facet of business to help you develop the critical thinking skills you'll need to manage or create a business
  • Join an exceptional team that will use every skill to create exceptional new business ventures
  • Understand how to recognize whether an opportunity is real
  • Know whether the idea is strong enough to be a winner in the marketplace
  • Gain confidence in knowing when a business idea is truly worth pursuing

Professional Director Toby Nord discusses the importance of the Ventures Enterprise