Marketing Department

Marketing Department

The Marketing Department is Top 5 in the world in research and impact. The expertise and authority of the world-class faculty is evidenced in valued partnerships with our corporate community, global initiatives, and rigorous, hands-on curriculum. 

Carlson's Marketing Faculy is #3 in research productivity

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Carlson's Marketing Faculy is #5 in research impactLearn more about Research Impact

Featured Faculty

Assistant Professor Alison XuAssistant Professor Alison Jing Xu

Assistant Professor Alison Jing Xu is fascinated by decisions – specifically the decision-making process and how people grapple with, then make, what they believe to be “right” decisions. When it came to working with the Carlson School of Management, however, Xu said the decision was a simple one, given its reputation for being a very research intensive and active school with marketing faculty who are productive and well-known in the field.

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Recent Faculty Awards

  • 2015 MSI Young Scholar Award - Assistant Professor Alison Xu
  • 2015 MSI Young Scholar Award - Assistant Professor Maria Ana Vitorino
  • HBES Early Career Award for Distinguished Scientific Contribution - Assoc. Prof. Vladas Griskevicius
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China Grant - Assoc. Prof. Tony Cui
  • Carlson School Dean's Small Grant - Assoc. Prof. Carlos Torelli
  • National Science Center of Poland Grant - Prof. Kathleen Vohs
  • 3M non-Tenured Faculty Grant Award - Asst. Prof. Yi Zhu