Marketing Department

Marketing Department

The Marketing Department is Top 5 in the world in research and impact. The expertise and authority of the world-class faculty is evidenced in valued partnerships with our corporate community, global initiatives, and rigorous, hands-on curriculum. 

Carlson's Marketing Faculy is #3 in research productivity

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Featured Faculty

Dept. Chair Vlad Griskevicius
Department Chair Vlad Griskevicius

After his second year in graduate school, Department Chair Vlad Griskevicius was stressed out. So, he bought some popular science books which were completely unrelated to his study of persuasion and influence. Those books, about how humankind’s evolutionary past influences modern psychology, started him down a whole new research path, and still sit on his office bookshelf. 

Currently, Griskevicius’ research focuses on three areas. One, persuasion and influence, deals with altering consumer behavior – for instance, how small changes in wording a message can influence behavior.

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Recent Faculty Awards

  • Top 10 Reviewer Award for the Journal of Consumer Psychology - Prof. Deborah John
  • Dean's Grant/Teaching Development Award - Sr. Lecturer Jay Lipe
  • Outstanding Elective Faculty of the Year Award and the new MBA Excellence in Business Practice Award - Sr. Lecturer Seth Werner 
  • MSI Young Scholar Award - Asst. Prof. Maria Ana Vitorino and Asst. Prof. Alison Jing Xu
  • HBES Early Career Award for Distinguished Scientific Contribution - Assoc. Prof. Vladas Griskevicius
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China Grant - Assoc. Prof. Tony Cui