Information and Decision Sciences

Information and Decision Sciences at the Carlson School is one of the world's top-rated research programs in information systems. Students in this area learn intellectual frameworks and methodologies for analyzing the management of information in support of decision making, and the management of information and information technology for organizations. Psychological science, organizational theory, economic theory, and systems development theory are all studied as foundational, theoretical bases for the analysis of information and decision systems.

Message from Alok Gupta, IDS Department Chair

The IDSc department has been recognized on a long-standing basis as one of the top five IS departments in the world. The factors contributing to this recognition are:

  • Our role in defining relevant discipline areas through research, writing, and editorial contributions in major academic and practitioner outlets
  • Innovations in curriculum and instructional development
  • The number and quality of our graduates
  • The faculty’s leadership in professional societies and journals
  • Related innovations in developing major organizational links between faculty and practitioners

The IDSc faculty are interested in conducting theoretical and empirical research that addresses the role, impact, and development of IT innovations from a business perspective in business process, organizational and market contexts. The faculty expertise in the department represents research domains such as cognitive science, computer science and algorithms, computational economics, decision sciences, econometrics and statistics, economics of IS, game theory, management science and organizational behavior. Most of our doctoral graduates have followed careers in teaching and research. Recent graduates have received offers from Purdue University, Penn State University, Michigan State University and George Mason University.

PhD Coordinator

De Liu

Professor De Liu

Contact Professor Liu for program questions.

Professor Liu

Alumni Perspective

Eric Larson

"The University of Minnesota is in an enviable postion of having the right people thoughout the university to provide a world-class graduate experience...Overall, the university possesses an amazing depth and breadth of resources and capabilities that differentiates your degree."

- Eric Larson, 2012, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign