As one of the nation's top-rated doctoral programs, admission to the PhD program in business administration is highly competitive, and admission rates are typically under 10 percent. In addition to assessing the applicant's potential for scholarship, research, and teaching, the program bases admissions decisions on evidence of a commitment to an academic career based on a PhD degree and a demonstrated ability to complete a rigorous program of study.

The application deadline for general admission is December 31.

For those applicants applying to the Marketing Concentration please have your application for admission completed by December 15. The department will be reviewing files shortly after that.

Admissions stats

Fall 2015 Matriculates

20 New students
30 Average age
707 Average GMAT (total)
1422 GRE (before August 2011)
324 GRE (after August 2011)


Program Stats

2015 PhD Business Administration

365Number of applicants
25Admitted (7%)
20Matriculated (80%)
92Program size for 2015
5.8Median years to earn a PhD
105Number of faculty