Get a preview of a one-of-a-kind, much-beloved Carlson School course, infused with the beauty of fine art at the next installment of The Business of Learning Speaker Series—The Body’s Picasso: Exploring the Art of Human Anatomy.

This captivating presentation explains anatomy concepts alongside stunning works of art to demonstrate how treating the body as a work of art can impact longevity and wellness and impart basic anatomy concepts to help business leaders better collaborate with healthcare professionals.

Join professionals from a variety of industries as Dr. Archelle Georgiou, physician and former healthcare industry executive, guides you on a visual journey through six different organ systems to convey the extraordinary beauty of anatomy and to help you appreciate the art within yourself.  Learn the basics of anatomy, glimpse gorgeous art selections curated by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and be part of a Minnesota Public Radio broadcast. Accompanying Dr. Archelle Georgiou onstage will be live music and the event will be moderated by Heather McElhatton, who hosts Minnesota Public Radio’s “A Beautiful World.”

Cost of $35 includes hors d'oeuvres, beverages, and parking voucher.