Padma Tamma Headshot

Padma Tamma

CHRLS Alumni Association Board Member


  • Master of Arts 1994
    Human Resources and Industrial Relations, Carlson School of Management


Padma Tamma, ’94, currently works as a senior director of compensation and benefits for Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota. She explains how she came to attend the full-time MA-IR program: “With a keen sense of business acumen all my life, I always had a curiosity to learn more about how businesses operate and how I could support and consult with both line staff and senior leaders. I wanted to learn from the best (world-renowned educators with theoretical and practical approaches) and hence decided to attend the MA-IR program at the University of Minnesota.” She says learning from the professors who were experts in their field and who balanced theoretical and practical approaches prepared her for her career. Tamma says, “As a way to give back to the community that gave me so much, I decided to join the CHRLS Alumni Association Board of Directors.” She adds, “I’m looking forward to contributing to the enrichment of the activities (i.e. educational, networking, social, etc.)” To current students, Tamma shares, “Take the advice of the expert professors and pay attention to both the theoretical fundamentals and practical applications to real world scenarios that will truly help one gain a full understanding of what one would experience upon graduation.”