Kara Sime

CHRLS Alumni Association Board Member


  • Master of Arts 1996
    Industrial Relations, Carlson School of Management


Kara Sime, '96, graduated from the full-time program and currently works at Human Capital Partners as a senior career architect. She has previously worked at Agropur, Inc., Bolt Industries, Old Home Foods and Rosemount/Emerson Process Management. She chose the MA-HRIR program at the University of Minnesota for the organizational behavior concentration and because of her interest in organizational communications. Sime says the program prepared her for everything. "The program was rigorous, thought-provoking and taught me all the basics I needed to have a well-rounded HR career - recruiting, benefits, economics, labor, compensation, organizational development and behavior, and don't forget statistics and research methods." She says that she is ready to give back and would like to be engaged and involved with other HR professionals, and this is why she joined the board. Her best piece of advice: "Take the time to take a broad array of classes and find ways to apply the theories in a meaningful way that helps people in organizations - this builds your business credibility," she notes. "Be curious - always ask questions and go learn as many aspects of the business as you can and find ways to bring people and concepts together."