Francis Sadac Headshot

Francis Sadac

CHRLS Alumni Association Board Member


  • Master of Arts 1997
    Human Resources and Industrial Relations, Carlson School of Management


Francis Sadac, ’97, currently works as Training Leader for the University of Washington's Finance Transformation Program. He has previously worked at Accenture, IBM Global Business Services, NGA Human Resources, The Hackett Group, and Hewitt Associates, focused on HR Transformation and the management of Organization Change. He says he chose to attend the MA-IR full-time program because of his interest in “how business decisions are impacted and influenced by workforce-related issues and concerns.” Sadac explains, “I was born and raised in Manila, the Philippines, and spent my early career there right after university. I was curious as to how HR functioned in a more developed country like the US compared to developing economies like the Philippines.” Sadac says, “The program instilled in me a rigor and structure that has been invaluable in how I envision, plan, and execute my work.” He further adds, “the program firmly grounded us in solid academic research and theory, but it also allowed the exploration of practical applications.” Sadac shares why he joined the Alumni Board: “First, I am really passionate about developing and coaching early career practitioners. I do that constantly in my day job since I have benefited throughout my career from smart, patient, generous mentors and teachers. Second,” he continues, “I see this as an opportunity to give back. I wouldn't be where I am right now in my career if I hadn't gone to the program and really took my experiences there to heart. Finally,” he concludes, “I think being on the Board is a great opportunity to share leading edge practices and real-world workforce issues with fellow alumni who grapple with the complexity and fluidity of 2021 HR.” To current students, Sadac says, “Soak it all in! The experience of collaborating with your study teams, of learning from the best HR thought leaders, from networking with alumni, mentors, and attendees of HR Tomorrow - these will all be invaluable as you grow into the future people-oriented business leaders we all expect you to be.”