The Carlson School welcomes new University President Eric Kaler as he visits the Twin Cities campuses during his inauguration week.

As part of a week of inauguration activities, University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler paid the Carlson School a visit on Wednesday, September 21. The visit was a part of Kaler's "Campus Crawl," in which he toured the three Twin Cities campuses.

Kaler's visit began in Hanson Hall, where he was greeted by Interim Dean Sri Zaheer, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs Mary Maus Kosir, and Assistant Dean for MBA Programs Kathryn Carlson. Kaler learned about the facilities within Hanson Hall, including its separate business career centers for undergrads and graduate students.

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs Connie Wanberg met Kaler on the second floor of Hanson Hall and provided him with more school information, including the fact that 87 percent of the undergraduate class of 2011 had jobs within 90 days of graduation. Kaler also became more familiar with the abundant engagement the Carlson School has with the Twin Cities' corporate community, which distinguishes it from other peer business schools. This distinction became clearer as Kaler stopped in the skyway between Hanson Hall and the Carlson School building to examine the Minnesota Business Hall of Fame, where many of the people and companies listed have Carlson School ties. "I know a lot of these names," Kaler said. "We have a lot of friends here."

In the Carlson School building, Kaler spent the bulk of his time learning about the Funds Enterprise in the Financial Markets Lab. Program Director Jerry Caruso explained that with nearly $36 million in assets, the Funds Enterprise is the largest student-managed fund in the country utilizing third-party money. "Including some of mine," Kaler said, noting that he has contributed to some of the companies with investments in the Funds Enterprise.

The Funds Enterprise is made up of two limited liability companies, the Carlson Growth Fund and the Carlson Fixed Income Fund. Kaler met advisors and students involved in both of these companies and learned how they specifically operate. "It sounds like a great program," Kaler said.

Following his visit to the Funds Enterprise, Kaler moved on to the next Campus Crawl site, the School of Music. As he was leaving, Kaler thanked the Carlson School representatives for their time and hospitality. Kaler's Campus Crawl was designed to showcase how colleges contribute to the University's value proposition through teaching, research, and outreach activities.