Marketing and Supply Chain & Operations major Carl Zwieg, ’16 BSB, earned the 2016 Josef Mestenhauser Student Award for excellence in campus Internationalization for his outstanding contributions to internationalization at the University of Minnesota.

After spending a semester as an exchange student in Denmark, Zwieg was inspired to take a leadership role with GLOBE: a student organization that pairs incoming international exchange students with domestic students to ease their transition into an unfamiliar environment.

Each year, 75-100 exchange students contribute ideas and perspectives in carlson School classrooms, helping to internationalize the entire curriculum. thanks to GLOBE, these students forge connections
with U.S. students, educators, and companies—thus broadening their worldview.

“Internationalization at the Carlson School creates an environment that is dynamic and fruitful. Students can learn more about other cultures and share aspects from their own,” says Zwieg.

Bestowed by the University’s Global Programs and Strategy Alliance, the award honors Distinguished International Emeritus Professor Dr. Joseph Mestenhauser. It embodies his long-held commitment to enhanced learning among U.S. and international students.