Seniors Claire Grasse and Emilie Sieker are taking their accounting skills global.

This July, Claire Grasse will intern at Ernst & Young in London while Emilie Sieker will intern at KPMG in South Africa. 

Grasse was offered the unique opportunity to return for a second internship with Ernst & Young after interning for them last summer. The internship is eight weeks - two weeks in Minneapolis completing firm training with other interns; four weeks in London; and another two weeks in Minneapolis. She will be working in assurance, auditing companies in both Minneapolis and London. "I hope to gain insight into European business practices, and hope to utilize some of my education about International Financial Reporting Standards," she says.

Sieker will be on an audit team with people from all around the world. She hopes this experience will teach her about international business and give her an appreciation for how connected business has become around the world. "All the Fortune 500 companies have to deal with international business in some respect, whether it be having foreign operations or receiving parts from foreign suppliers," says Sieker. "A successful business person should have an understanding about international business and learn how to work in many different situations and cultures."