The 2014-2015 academic school year was an eventful one. For MA-HRIR students, faculty, staff, and alumni alike, there were many milestones that the entire Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies (CHRLS) can be proud of.  Here’s a glimpse at just a few of them.


This year the Carlson School welcomed 60 new full-time and nine part-time MA-HRIR students, along with four PhD students who bring a world of perspectives to the program. A number of these students joined the program with the support of their employers or home countries.

Alumni newsletter Centerpoint provided an inside look at the behavioral labs that PhD students utilize for research, and featured the staff and faculty who oversee them. Also, alumni and current students all across the world recalled their study abroad adventures.

Students are not only exploring the world, but also making a difference at home. About half of MA-HRIR students become GVC consultants who offer free-of-charge consultation to non-profits to gain career experience and give back to the community. 


Carlson School faculty continue to develop new and exciting methods of teaching. Department of Work and Organizations faculty members John Kammeyer-Mueller, Colleen Manchester, Min Li, and Andy Van de Ven hosted an “Innovations in Teaching” seminar to highlight their unique ideas for educating students in the MA-HRIR program.  Adjunct instructors like Travis Tubre and Steve Lewis also bring their unique perspectives to the classroom. Assistant Professors Beth Campbell and Le (Betty) Zhou both started their first year of teaching in the Department of Work and Organizations. Professor John Budd played a crucial role in an EU conference in Latvia, where he was the only American presenter and participated in a panel discussion with other international experts.


Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies by the Numbers

  • The PhD program turned 50 this year, and after a half-century, “it remains one of the top PhD programs focusing on work and organizations in the world.”
  • The Alumni Association’s 19-member Board of Directors planned and implemented a number of events, including the HR Tomorrow Conference, a series of professional development conversations, and a variety of mentoring opportunities for students.
  • At the well-received HR Tomorrow Conference in April, hosted 320 attendees, featured 15 speakers, and was organized by eight Alumni Board members on the planning committee. Many attendees provided insightful feedback on the conference.
  • The Alumni Board’s mentoring initiatives this year included two speed mentoring events that drew more than 40 students and 15 alumni, including several who participated in a virtual mentoring event. Both students and alumni also received mentoring through the Graduate Business Career Center.
  • With the program engaged students and alumni through social media, generating 387 Facebook likes, 58 Tweets, and 65 LinkedIn posts (1,250 LinkedIn connections) in addition to publishing six issues of electronic alumni newsletter, Centerpoint.
  • The Carlson School congratulated 80 MA-HRIR students and 5 PhD students on their graduations this May.

Alumni Connections

MA-HRIR graduates have proved their alumni network is stronger than ever. Alumni connected all over the country at events held in New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago, as well as local events here in the Twin Cities.

MA-HRIR alumni are also making connections at work: Yongjun Choi, ’14 PhD-BA, began working in the same department at Wright State University as alumna Melissa Gruys, ’00 PhD-HRIR.

Gearing Up for a New Year

Now that summer is in full swing, students and recent graduates are busy working at their internships and full-time positions, Carlson School faculty and staff are continuing summer classes and research, and everyone is looking forward to the upcoming year. We are excited to see what the 2015-2016 academic year will bring!