Carlson School of Management in Delta Sky Mag

Move over, millennials: A new generation is hitting the workforce, and its members aren’t interested in shared office space or constant collaboration.

Born 1995 to 2012, Generation Z will begin graduating from college this spring. Analysts say they are independent, focused and fiercely competitive. And yet, at nearly 73 million strong, they’re still being mistaken for millennials (born 1980 to 1994). No surprise—millennials have gotten so much attention, some say, that all “young people” tend to get lumped into their ranks, even though nearly half of the nation’s 83 million millennials are now parents themselves, according to Time magazine.

It’s a mistake that generational expert David Stillman has seen before; his work on generation gaps began 20 years ago, when his own peers in Gen X clashed with baby boomer bosses over philosophical issues such as working remotely and prioritizing family time. Two best-selling books later, he sees another generation clash coming and is advising companies large and small to get to know Gen Z while there’s an opportunity to adapt rather than react to conflict.

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