Bapna Burtch

Assistant Professors Sofia Bapna and Gordon Burtch recently received an $89,760 Kauffman Foundation-Innovation Growth Lab (IGL) grant to continue their work involving randomized field experiments in the context of equity crowdfunding. Their research agenda includes identifying ways in which gender bias in equity investments in startups might be reduced, and also identifying the effect of a lead investor’s commitment to a matching investment.

IGL is a global collaboration that develops and tests different approaches to support innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth.

Earlier in the year, Bapna, ’16 PhD, was awarded a Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship. The fellowship is an annual competitive program that awards up to 20 grants of $20,000 each to doctoral students at accredited U.S. universities to support dissertations in the area of entrepreneurship. Bapna’s work, “Entrepreneurship and Digital Communities: Harnessing Legitimacy and Resources,” explores how digital innovations are having a significant impact on entrepreneurship, as new ventures are increasingly weaving digital technologies into their business strategies through avenues such as crowdfunding and social networking.