INGRoup Conference at Carlson School aims to to advance theory and methods for understanding groups.

The 2011 INGRoup (Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research) conference will be held at the Carlson School July 21 - 23.

INGRoup is made up of scholars who study groups and teams and are scattered across many social scientific disciplines, including communication, organizational behavior, psychology, and sociology. Their focus is to foster understanding about group dynamics through research and to advance theory and methods for understanding groups. About 170 scholars will be in attendance at this sixth-annual conference.

"Groups of people fly aircraft, perform surgery, operate nuclear power plants, design cars, write legislation, and even entertain us," says Associate Professor Mary Zellmer-Bruhn, a conference organizer. "Most of us work in teams for at least part our work and free time. Therefore, the performance of groups and teams affects us every day.

Because teams are composed of diverse people, often working in organizations and using technology to complete their work, understanding what makes teams work requires a multi-disciplinary perspective - considering social psychology to engineering, organizational behavior to communication, and even culture to computer science. INGRoup is a unique and exciting conference that brings leading scholars from multiple disciplines together in one place to present, interact, and generate new knowledge about teams and groups."

Professor Richard Hackman (Harvard University), recipient of the organization's Joseph E. McGrath Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Study of Groups, will deliver the keynote address on July 22.

Along with the Carlson School, conference sponsors include the University of Central Florida, Sage, the David Eccles School of Business, Noldus Information Technology, and the Army Research Institute.

For more information visit the INGRoup website.