One of the many strengths of the Master of Arts in Human Resources and Industrial Relations program at the Carlson School is its wide geographic reach.

Each year, matriculating students hail from down the block, across the country and around the globe; our reputation is truly worldwide.

To keep our program front and center in the minds of top prospective students, our staff attend a number of recruiting events each year, including Graduate and Professional School Fairs, Career Fairs, Affinity Conferences, and more.

While it may seem far away, recruitment for the Class of 2016 begins in earnest this fall with attendance at our first Grad Fair being held in mid-September. With a February 1st deadline for application to the Full-Time MA-HRIR program, fall is the perfect time to connect with prospective students. Plans have already been solidified to visit 20 schools and related conferences during September and October.

In addition to attending Grad School Fairs, while on the road our staff also meet one-on-one with interested students, make presentations in related undergraduate courses, speak at SHRM Club meetings, serve on career interest panels, and more. Below is a list of the schools where we will have a presence this recruiting season:

17 - University of Minnesota - Morris
18 - Tri-College University Fair (Fargo, ND/Moorhead, MN)
25 - Brigham Young University
26 - Utah Valley University
27 - Southern Utah University
30 - Weber State University (Utah)

1 - Utah State University
1 - New Mexico State University
2 - University of Utah/Westminster
2 - University of Texas - El Paso
3 - University of New Mexico
7 - Western Michigan University
9 - University of Michigan
10 - Michigan State University
13-15 Minnesota SHRM Conference (Duluth)
15 - Northern Illinois University
16 - University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
17 - University of Illinois - Chicago
22-23 - ASTD Conference (St. Paul)
26 - California Forum for Diversity

Any alumni located in or near these locations with an interest in assisting with our recruiting efforts are encouraged to contact MA-HRIR program staff at "One of our most effective recruiting tools is for prospective students to hear from alumni who have established successful careers in human resources, labor relations, and related fields," said Patti Blair, student services coordinator. "It's nice for them to see someone who's made it to the other side!"