Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Professor Myles Shaver has been appointed the 2015-2016 Fesler-Lampert Chair in Urban and Regional Affairs by the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs. 

Myles Shaver

The endowment is intended to stimulate interdisciplinary research and teaching at the University of Minnesota. 

Thanks to resources provided by the appointment, Shaver will advance his ongoing research about how Minneapolis and St. Paul have fostered an environment that attracts and retains corporate headquarters. Namely, he will collect and analyze data, report his findings, and discuss his research's implications for policy makers and corporate leaders. 

Shaver is an expert in corporate headquarters strategies, the management and economics of international expansion, mergers and acquisitions, and investment location choice. His research on firm strategies to profitably expand is published in leading scholarly journals and he is invited to present his research at conferences and universities around the world.