Work & Organizations Professor John Kammeyer-Mueller has been awarded the 2016 Herbie Award. Since 1969, students in the MA-HRIR program have voted for, and presented, the Herbie Award to a faculty member displaying excellence in teaching. 


Named after the second director of the then-Industrial Relations Center, Herbert Heneman was well-known in the HR community as one of the foremost experts in the field. He was a distinguished teacher and researcher, a charismatic leader, and an academic colleague who helped propel the Carlson School MA-HRIR program to where it is today.

Kammeyer-Mueller joined the Carlson School in 2013. He teaches staffing, training, and development course; and serves as the PhD coordinator for the Department of Work and Organizations. His research examines how employees adjust to new jobs, the process of career development, and how attitudes and emotions shape behavior in organizations. He is particularly interested in learning how interpersonal relationships with co-workers and supervisors can affect how new hires see their work environments over time.