Carlson Executive Education is pleased to announce the highly anticipated, February 2015 launch of the Emerging Leaders Program, a new offering that helps business leaders reach their full potential.

Work and Organizations Professor Connie Wanberg collaborated with Executive Education staff and talent management and business leaders to create a compelling course focused on honing important, but often overlooked, skills that every high-potential leader needs to advance their careers. WOrg Professors Theresa Glomb and Michelle Duffy, and General Mills Chief Learning Officer and Carlson Executive Fellow Kevin Wilde, along with a talented panel of faculty and industry leaders, enrich the course content with concrete examples and actionable advice.

The next level of leadership
According to program leaders, the same competencies that help professionals excel as individual contributors early in their careers can actually derail them from advancing to the next level. The Emerging Leaders Program addresses this issue.

"We carefully designed this program to focus on the competencies that are most important to move a person from a good leader to super leader," says Wanberg.

The five-day program is a dynamic combination of self-assessment and reflection, personalized and confidential coaching, intensive in-class experiences, and a customized action plan all designed to prepare participants for their next level of leadership.

"This program is for people in the early stages of their career who may dream about being a CEO," says Wilde. "It's a program for people who have curiosity, ambition, and drive, but want help mapping a path to the future."

Market-informed offering
The program was developed based on feedback from Carlson School alumni and business leaders who value the importance of developing and retaining high-potential employees.

"Through our strong linkages to the business community we consulted with HR leaders of Fortune 500 companies to discover what content is needed," says Wanberg. "We designed a program that leads to thoughtful introspection, and helps participants focus on personal strengths to become even stronger leaders."

"If you think about a career, it's one of the largest investments you can make. I think people who want to develop themselves to their full potential, invest in themselves, and this is a great example of doing so," says Wilde.

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Wilde shares perspective at upcoming event
You are also invited to join Executive Education on Wednesday, September 10th at 5:30 p.m. for the Carlson Executive Education Speaker Series. Award-winning development leader Kevin Wilde will share his perspective on "Temptations of a High-Potential Employee." Register here