Awards recognize the leadership skills and innovative thinking of MBA students with medical industry specialization.


The 4th annual Carl N. Platou Leadership Competition Awards were announced at a luncheon at the Carlson School on November 29. The awards recognize the leadership skills and innovative thinking of an elite group of students who are complementing their Carlson MBA education with a medical industry specialization.

Six student finalists competed by submitting leadership statements illustrating a high value exposition of their experiential learning or real world, firm-based project. Leadership statements detailed the student's contributions and accomplishments, as well as insights gained for application in the medical industry. An external review committee determined the three winners.

Taking first place and a $2,000 award was Jennifer Kamstra whose project focused on the leadership role she played on a team charged designing a senior living building for residents with memory loss. Natasha Vragel won second place with a $1,000 award for her intern project at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia and Cornell Medical Centers. Third place and a $500 award went to Beth Lindborg who described her experience developing as well as assessing market potential for a new technology.

Carl Platou, who recently passed away, was a visionary healthcare executive who was inducted into the Minnesota Business Hall of Fame in 2009. The competition, produced by the Carlson School's Medical Industry Leadership Institute, evokes his vision and leadership in the medical industry.

Platou's widow and daughter attended the event.