Isil Yavuz honored by Kauffman Foundation for "The 'Outsider' Entrepreneurs"

R. Isil Yavuz, '11 PhD, has received the Kauffman Firm Survey (KFS) Best Dissertation Award for 2011 for her work examining the role of founders' immigrant status in the internationalization and performance of high-technology new ventures.

Yavuz was a student of Dean Sri Zaheer and Professor Harry Sapienza. She is currently an assistant professor of entrepreneurship at the Department of Economics and Administrative Sciences in Ozyegin University, Istanbul.

The KFS Best Dissertation Award is presented to the best dissertation submitted to the Kauffman Foundation utilizing the Kauffman Firm Survey. A summary of the "The 'Outsider' Entrepreneurs: The Role of Founders' Immigrant Status in the Internationalization and Performance of High Technology New Ventures" can be found on the Kauffman site.