“Evolving US-Cuba Relations – History, Politics and Economic Opportunities” featuring Cuban expert Ernesto Domínguez López is taking place Tuesday, November 1, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. in 2-260Z Carlson School.

Relations between Cuba and the United States entered a new stage in December 2014 when the respective presidents announced the beginning of a series of negotiations that led to the official restoration of diplomatic relations, followed by new talks in search of eventual normalization. However, these are just the most recent developments in a long, complicated, and troublesome history. To understand the process, it is essential to address the complex evolution of the relation and its core features.

López is a professor, researcher, and former director of the Center for Studies of the USA and Americas (CEHSEU) of the University of Havana. He specializes in studies of the United States, inter-American relations and regional and subregional studies of the Americas.