Professor Myles Shaver, the Pond Family Chair in the Teaching and Advancement of Free Enterprise Principles, has received the Glueck Best Paper Award from the Academy of Management’s Strategic Management Division. Shaver co-authored the paper, “Network Synergy: How Firms Use Acquisitions to Enhance their Network Positions,” with former PhD student Exequiel Hernandez, ‘11 PhD.

The paper has been accepted for publication in Administrative Science Quarterly.

In addition, Associate Professor Evan Rawley’s paper, “The Adjustment Costs of Scope Reduction: Evidence from the Financial Crisis” received the division’s Distinguished Paper Award. This award goes to annual meeting submissions that reviewers rated in the top 1 percent.

This paper was co-written by Rui De Figueiredo of the Haas School of Business and Emilie Feldman of the University of Pennsylvania.