The Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) at the Carlson School will be hosting the Business School Alliance for Health Management (BAHM) Annual Case Competition on April 23. The case competition is for students to apply classroom knowledge and innovative techniques to develop the best analysis of real-life, industry-related problems and scenarios.

“It’s an honor to host the BAHM case competition and provide a bench test for future medical industry leaders,” said MILI Director Stephen Parente.

In the competition, student teams will complete a business analysis of an early stage industry innovation, such as a medical device or pharmaceutical, and its prospect for the market. The analysis will include a 20-page market assessment document and a 25-minute presentation in front of industry judges. The first-place team will win $10,000, followed by $5,000 and $2,500 for the second- and third-place teams, respectively. Winning schools over the last three years have been Berkeley, the Carlson School, and Yale.

BAHM was founded in 2010 to transform the health sector by advancing education, research, and practice in the nation’s top schools of management. Its mission is to encourage and inspire faculty and students to come together and harness their collective energy, intellect, and resources to solve today’s healthcare problems. 

There are 13 schools in the alliance at present, including the Carlson School, Berkeley, Yale, Wharton, Harvard, and Northwestern. More information about BAHM’s 2016 Case Competition can be found on its website.