Assistant Professor Aaron Sojourner has been named to the Cradle to K Cabinet, a major initiative of Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges aimed at closing the achievement gap in the city's education system by eliminating disparities for children from prenatal to three years old.

"The greatest opportunity we have to create equity is with our kids," said Mayor Hodges. "As we strive to create true equity for our city, there is enormous potential to eliminate disparities before they even exist. Focusing on our children from prenatal to three years old is a place where the city can have a major impact. In addition to developing a plan, the Cradle to K Cabinet will coordinate and align efforts and resources to maximize a child's ability to be ready for early-education opportunities. I am immensely proud of the cabinet we have put together and thank everyone on it for their dedication to this important work."

The Cradle to K Cabinet, made up of many executives in the realm of education, is co-chaired by Peggy Flanagan, executive director of the Children's Defense Fund-Minnesota and Carolyn Smallwood, executive director of Way to Grow. The cabinet will have its first meeting in early June.

Sojourner will also be moderating a panel discussion, Early Learning Adds Up: Using Research to Drive Policy, on June 5 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. at the Humphrey School.