The Center for International Business Education and Research supports global expansion for businesses

The Carlson Global Institute advises businesses, educators, researchers, and students on issues of international importance through the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER). As an important member of the MSP Export Initiative, CIBER is working with partners across the state to ensure Twin Cities businesses have the resources they need to make a big leap into the global market.

"The Carlson Global Institute and CIBER are playing a key role in increasing the global competitiveness of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region and the State of Minnesota," says Katie Clark Sieben, commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. "These offices serve as a strategic partner for the public and private sector to leverage the University's rich worldwide connections and ensure their students emerge as global thought leaders."

Prioritizing exports
With 87 percent of market growth in the world during this century expected to occur outside the United States, businesses must compete in the global market to grow. CIBER is teaming up with Minneapolis and St. Paul public officials, economic development and industry organizations, and export services providers to empower Twin Cities businesses to ramp up exports. The partnership intends to double export activity in the region and to better prepare companies to work with customers, suppliers, and partners in international markets.

"This initiative is built on the notion that metro areas are economic engines, not just for the United States, but around the world, and that Minnesota needs to nurture more of an export economy," says Abby Pinto, Director of the University of Minnesota CIBER.

In implementing its plan, the team is working on branding the region more effectively to the world, creating a roadmap for companies that need help with exporting, and addressing questions of how to increase the metro area's global fluency.

Lending experts, nurturing students
The Carlson School contributes expertise from its faculty and staff to work with companies exploring export opportunities, and is also building a channel for students to engage with this important initiative.

"We're preparing graduates to lead businesses that are going to have international ties in some form," says Pinto. "These students have practical experience with international markets, as a result of the school's international experience requirement."