The Star Tribune interviewed the Holmes Center's John Stavig in its feature story on Man Cave Worldwide founder and alum Nick Beste.

Article by: TODD NELSON , Special to the Star Tribune
July 17, 2011

Barely a year out of college, Nick Beste already has topped $1 million in sales with his pioneering company, Man Cave Worldwide, which stages Mary Kay-style home parties for men.

The parties -- known as "meat-ings" -- have proved popular thanks to a seemingly irresistible combo platter of free grilled meat, free beer and free satellite TV pay-per-views for the hosts and their guests. Sales advisers who stage the gatherings -- Man Cave has some 1,300 in 48 states -- earn commissions on steaks, brats and grilling accessories sold at the events.

Man Cave appears to be succeeding in part because of another sort of meeting -- Beste's phone calls and get-togethers with a newly formed board of advisers as well as unofficial mentors impressed with his vision, including Geek Squad founder Robert Stephens.

With their input, Beste has refined the Man Cave business model in the past six months. The result is a company that is both "extremely scalable and extremely efficient," Beste said, now that it has outsourced a number of functions. Those include order fulfillment, most website operations and customer service.

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