Each year about 12% of graduating seniors find job opportunities in other states.

With hard-earned diplomas in hand, graduates will leave behind campus and enter the "real world" this summer. For the majority of Carlson School undergraduate students that means starting a career at one of the great companies located in the Midwest. However, each year about 12% of graduating seniors find job opportunities in other states. This year is no exception as students have reported relocating to cities including New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, and Memphis.

Supply Chain and Operations major Corissa Ranum is moving to Delaware to work as an Area Manager for Amazon, the online shopping giant. After completing an internship with Amazon last summer, Corissa fell in love with the company culture and decided to accept a full-time position. Corissa is excited for the move even though she has lived in Minnesota for most of her life. She would like to return to the Twin Cities eventually but says, "I first want to explore around."

On the opposite coast, Management Information Systems major Nate Tennant will be working as an Associate Consultant for Microsoft in Seattle. While he looks forward to expanding his network with people and companies outside the Midwest, he is also excited about exploring both the city of Seattle and all the outdoor activities that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Searching and interviewing for a job out-of-state can be overwhelming but fortunately students have many resources available to them. Corissa found her Amazon internship through the Undergraduate Business Career Center and explains, "They have a wealth of knowledge and can connect you with out-of-state opportunities."

Students can also tap into the strong network of more than 50,000 Carlson School alumni working in cities around the world. Marketing major Vallari Ajgaonkar will be relocating for the Customer Development Rotational Program at Unilever and she recommends talking with a Career Coach. "They can help you begin planning and reaching out to Carlson alumni living in the cities you may want to someday live in."

Vallari acknowledges she had wonderful internships with Minneapolis-based companies but was looking for an opportunity to challenge herself in another geographic location. "Because the idea of taking a job with Unilver, an international company, and moving to a new state scares me, I know it's what I need." Just like Corissa and Nate, Vallari is eager to discover a new city, and most of all, get started on her career.