Since 1929, award has honored graduating senior who bettered both the University and Carlson School communities

Since 1929, the Carlson School's Undergraduate Program has presented its "Tomato Can Loving Cup Award" to one graduating senior who has "rendered the most distinctive service to the school." The 2013 trophy was presented to Eric White whose efforts better both the University and Carlson School communities, as well as communities surrounding campus.

"The University of Minnesota community is extremely lucky to have students of Eric's caliber representing us," said Mary Maus Kosir, assistant dean. "He not only strives for excellence in his academics, but he truly loves learning, preparing himself for the future, and engaging in his community fully."

White's contributions to the University began in his freshman year when he became a Carlson School Ambassador. While continuing his involvement in the Ambassador program throughout his four years, White also served on the Business Week Executive Board for three years, and was Board president this year.

White has represented the school in multiple case competitions around the country and served on the University search committee that selected Provost Karen Hanson. A Carlson Crew Leader, White was also a peer assistant for Finance 3001 and served on the Vice Provost's Undergraduate Advisory Board.

In addition, White has successfully completed multiple internships including positions at Target in finance and accounting and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

Completing a major in Finance with a minor in Spanish Studies, White graduated with honors and will soon be joining Target as a Planning Analyst.

About the "Tomato Can Loving Cup Award"

The "Tomato Can Loving Cup Award" trophy was fashioned together by Henry M. Hilton in 1929 out of an old tomato soup can and a candlestick that his mother owned. Ironically, Hilton went on to become the first recipient of the cup in part for his creativity in creating the trophy.

In addition to having his or her name or initials added to the cup, the winner receives a monetary prize and is eligible for a half-tuition scholarship to the Full-Time MBA program following two years of professional work experience.