April 19-20 event will feature presentation of 7 papers

The Department of Accounting will host its annual Empirical Accounting Research Conference on April 19 and 20 in 1-147 Carlson School. Featured presenters will include:


Ray Ball, University of Chicago: "Mandatory IFRS Adoption, Fair Value Accounting and Accounting Information in Debt Contracts"


Dan Collins, University of Iowa: "Financial Statement Comparability and the Efficiency of Acquisition Decisions"


Eric So, MIT: "News-Driven Return Reversals: Liquidity Provision Ahead of Earnings News"


Mohan Venkatachalam, Duke University: "MD&A Disclosure and the Firm's Ability to Continue as a Going Concern"


Sugata Roychowdhury, Boston College: "Do Financial Market Developments Influence Accounting Practices? Credit Default Swaps and Borrowers' Reporting Conservatism"


Anne Beatty, Ohio State University: "The Information Content of Differences in Financial Constraints Risk Disclosure Requirements"


Ivy Zhang, Carlson School: Consequences of Booking Market-Driven Goodwill Impairments"

The Carlson School's Yu Gao, Aiyesha Dey, and Mo Khan will serve as moderators.

More information about the conference is available online.