Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Associate Professor Daniel Forbes has been named a Schulze Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship by the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation. The three-year, renewable professorship comes with a $50,000 annual research stipend. 

Daniel Forbes

The foundation, named after Best Buy Founder Dick Schulze, has established this professorship as part of a new initiative to support the development and diffusion of knowledge about entrepreneurship. Annually, the foundation has committed $500,000 toward professorships, student scholarships, doctoral fellowships, and an online innovation exchange to help secure the future of entrepreneurship in the United States.

"Entrepreneurship is valuable to our shared future," Schulze says about making the commitment, "too valuable to leave to chance.”

Forbes’ award was one of four new professorships announced at a conference in Minneapolis in September 2015. The other recipients include professors at Stanford University, the University of Wisconsin, and Northeastern University. For the professorship, the foundation sought to identify promising, mid-career scholars.

Forbes says he plans to use the stipend to continue his research on the creation and management of new ventures.

“Within the field we’re developing a better understanding of how ventures differ across contexts,” Forbes says, “and advancing and disseminating that knowledge can help people make better decisions about whether and how to start a new venture.”