Will bring knowledge of conversational capacity to the HR Tomorrow Conference as the morning keynote.

The 2013 HR Tomorrow conference is fast approaching and we are looking forward to the exceptional Keynote and Breakout Speakers who have generously donated their time and knowledge to help make the conference a great learning experience for all who attend.

The morning Keynote Speaker, Craig Weber, is the founder of The Weber Consulting Group, an alliance of experts committed to helping organizations and teams build their capacity for engaging tough, wicked, adaptive challenges. He's consulted to an expansive roster of world-class clients, helping them improve their performance by treating dialogue as a discipline. Weber is the author of the groundbreaking book, Conversational Capacity: The Secret To Building Winning Teams That Perform When The Pressure Is On, (McGraw-Hill, 2013).

By combining his formal education (in organizational development and organizational psychology) with his extensive consulting experience, he's created a powerful approach to conversing productively under the toughest of circumstances.

In addition to his consulting work, Weber has lectured at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, Thunderbird (the American Graduate School of International Management), Webster University School of Business & Technology, Santa Clara University, and the Work Place Learning Institute at Columbia University.

Weber's presentation is titled "Conversational Capacity & Adaptive Learning: The Vital Role of HR in Building Healthy, Resilient, Innovative Organizations." He will be expressing the importance of Conversational Capacity for building healthy, agile, effective organizations and teams. According to Weber, HR professionals play a critical role in helping management recognize the importance of this under-appreciated competence and for helping managers build it.

Weber will begin his presentation at 8:00 am following the Continental Breakfast sponsored by Eaton Corporation.