A roundup of the videos that made the biggest impression in 2016

Carlson School Virtual Choir - Winter Wonderland

Board of Overseers Chair Bob Kueppers (‘76 BSB) and Claire Repp (‘13 BSB) joined the Carlson School virtual choir from New York. Anthony Jison (’14 BSB) lent his voice from Los Angeles, while Rick Zeng (’16 CHEMBA) sang from Hong Kong and Yunho Jang (’14 BSB) from Korea. 

Carlson School Alum Started Non-Profit to Treat Conditions and Find Cures for Diseases

Peter Westerhaus, '16 BSB, Finance, used his education and resources at the Carlson School to start the non-profit Achieving Cures Together. Westerhaus, who suffered from ulcerative colitis, started the business in partnership with the University of Minnesota Microbiota Therapeutics Program. Achieving Cures Together funds research to help treat and ultimately find cures for a wide variety of conditions.

The University of Minnesota's Carlson School is Definitely Not in Flyover Country

Located in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, home to 17 Fortune 500 companies, and at a world-class University, the Carlson School of Management is certainly not in flyover country.

The Carlson School Community Welcomes The Class of 2020

Carlson Crew leaders, faculty and staff welcome incoming freshmen to the Carlson School community during College Day in Minneapolis, Minn.

Carlson School Students Thank Donors During Gopher Gratitude

Carlson School students gathered during the annual Gopher Gratitude event to write thank-you cards, messages, and to show appreciation for the donors who have given scholarships and have helped make their education possible.

Professors Craft Gifts for Graduates

Carlson School faculty members took a break from teaching to create a special memento for the graduating MBA Class of 2016. 

When I Graduate 2016

Carlson School Undergraduate Program seniors discuss what life will bring after graduation in May 2016. 

Carlson School Alum Brad Stewart Discusses His Career Path

Brad Stewart, '99 BSB, discusses his career path to CEO of XOJET in Brisbane, CA, and how his experience at the Carlson School helped set him up for success.

Carlson School Alum Hannah Cairns Discusses Launching Career in NYC

Carlson School alum Hannah Cairns, '13 BSB, discusses her decision to move to New York City to launch her career and how her Carlson School experience set her up for success. 

Inside Look at International Experience

Carlson School of Management students talk about why they wanted to study abroad, their preparations, the requirements, and the benefits of an international experience.

University of Minnesota's Joe Redden on How to Get Kids to Eat More Vegetables

Carlson School of Management associate professor Joe Redden explains his research on how serving vegetables first has increased vegetable consumption in elementary school cafeterias.

Cognitive Adaptations to Stressful Environments

Vladas Griskevicius, Professor of Marketing and Carlson Family Foundation Chair in Marketing, discusses his recent research, "Cognitive Adaptations to Stressful Environments: When Childhood Adversity Enhances Adult Executive Function" which was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 

How Work-to-Family Conflict Leads Employees to Fall Short of Intentions

Theresa Glomb, Professor of Work and Organizations and The Toro Company-David M. Lilly Chair, and Colleen Manchester, Assistant Professor of Work and Organizations, discuss their research, “Work-Family Conflict and Self-Discrepant Time Allocation at Work” which was recently published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.