The Vienna Executive MBA Program (VEMBA), a joint offering of the Carlson School and the Vienna University of Economics and Business, placed No. 9 on the Ivy Exec’s list of the Best Joint Executive MBA Programs for 2016. Ivy Exec is an online professional network for executives with more than 300,000 members.

To compile its list, Ivy Exec asked its members to identify the key criteria they would use to differentiate among executive MBA offerings. The criteria the community identified included career advancement, curriculum, market reputation/institutional prestige, globalness, life/balance, and program cost/affordability. Ivy Exec then asked its community to evaluate approximately 80 different executive MBA programs using the identified criteria. Program rankings were then based on the evaluation and a market index, which was based on the executive MBA programs’ prior rankings by major publications.

VEMBA recently celebrated its 15-year anniversary and an article outlining its history was recently published in the Carlson School magazine.