Carlson School ranks fourth

The Carlson School ranks fourth among the top contributing institutions to Production and Operations Managementthe flagship journal of the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS). Throughout a 20-year period, the top five most research-productive institutions were University of Texas at Dallas, Georgia Institute for Technology , Harvard University, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Maryland.

POMS is the world’s largest professional society dedicated to advancing the discipline of supply chain and operations management. Production and Operations Management is a top-tier outlet for cutting-edge research in manufacturing, service operations, and supply chain management.   

“This ranking helps illuminate the strength of research conducted by our faculty and doctoral students here during the past two decades,” says Supply Chain and Operations Department Chair and Mosaic Company Professor of Corporate Responsibility Kingshuk Sinha. “Since the rankings were reported in a peer-reviewed scholarly article published in our discipline’s top-tier journal, it carries weight.”

From 1992-2012, the POMS journal published 96 issues containing 720 articles written by 1,687 authors.

The forte of Supply Chain and Operations faculty at the Carlson School is conducting impactful research that is driven by consequential real-world problems. The researchers address topics like supply chain management, global operations, quality, lean and six sigma, behavioral operations, technology and innovation, services, healthcare, sustainability, big data analytics and humanitarian logistics.  

The top-ranked department offers programs for undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students.