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Professionals, digital thought leaders, and educators will gather to chart the future of Minnesota tech at the second-annual Tech Cities conference on February 26, 2016 at the Carlson School. Presented by Microsoft, the conference will explore how to further cultivate Minnesota as the tech capital of the north.

“Microsoft partners with cities around the world that want to embrace the power of digital technology.  As Minnesota looks to strengthen their technology community and become the Tech Capital of the North, Microsoft is honored to participate in Tech Cities 2016,” says Sr. Executive Engagement Marketing, North Central & Heartland Districts Joyce Wassenaar.

As part of its CityNext efforts, Microsoft will share how cities can embrace digital services to become more sustainable, prosperous, and economically competitive.

At this learning and networking event, participants will discover research findings, business breakthroughs, and diverse perspectives on the state of Minnesota tech, including wins, opportunities and challenges. Registration is open now.

Tech Cities 2016 begins with a talk by Vidku Executive Chairman Phil Soran, an entrepreneur whose ventures have supported thousands of jobs. Namely, he founded Compellent Technologies in his basement in 2002. He served as president and CEO for the company, which was one of the fastest growing storage companies in the world before being acquired by Dell for $960 million. The Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal recently inducted Soran into the Titans of Technology Hall of Fame with their inaugural Lifetime Achievement award.

Attendees will also choose from a variety of breakout sessions that highlight success stories, impart new knowledge, inspire key discussions, and more. The full schedule of breakout sessions will be available in the coming weeks.

About Tech Cities 2016

From startups to Fortune 500 players, Minnesota boasts a growing number of tech businesses, innovations, and professionals. The state is the fastest-growing in the nation for tech jobs. Yet despite local resources, some companies have left the Twin Cities in search of tech talent and community.

Tech Cities 2016 brings together a variety of perspectives on how professionals, policy-makers, and educators can strengthen and promote the region as a source for tech leadership, talent, and innovation.

The inaugural conference sold out and attracted more than 300 attendees representing 100 companies across industries. Local companies and large national players like LinkedIn and Pandora joined the conversation around making the Twin Cities a tech capital of the north.

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