The Financial and Retail Conference (FAR Con) will provide an opportunity for leaders in the analytics and big data space to come together, share knowledge, and make connections. Held in partnership between the Carlson School of Management and MinneAnalytics, the conference will take place on August 12, 2015 at 9:00 a.m.FARCON

Leaders in the financial and retail industries are invited to explore how analytics provides solutions to real-world business problems. FAR Con will focus on how analytics, people, process, and technology come together to solve these problems. Some key areas of coverage include how analytics and big data are used in omnichannel and personalization, information security, fraud and risk, digital, mobile, marketing, and more. 

FAR Con seeks high-caliber speakers to share insights on retail and financial services analytics. If you’re interested in delivering a 30-45 minute talk, contact Lee Thomas at with your proposed topic.

Registration information will be available soon.

Speakers and presentations

  • Steve Wallin – Strategy and Insights Director, U.S. Bank
  • Chandler Wilson – Director of Insights and Analytics, Walmart
  • Pedro Medina – CEO, Haystack LLC
  • Paul Ablack – CEO, OnApproach, LLC
  • Ryan Marcum – VP – Credit Risk Management, Wells Fargo
  • Jay Jacobs – Principal, Verizon Business
  • Scott Friesen – Principal, Quadratic
  • Carmel Nadav, PhD – VP – Database Marketing Strategy Consultant, Wells Fargo

About MinneAnalytics

MinneAnalytics is the nation’s largest local analytics community composed of Minnesota’s best and brightest people from business, technology, and decision science. The community has grown to more than 5,000 members. This well-educated and well-placed mix includes members with job titles ranging from CEO to quantitative analyst, from Fortune 500 companies like United Health Group, Medtronic, and Target Corporation, to up-and-comers like SPS Commerce, LeadPages, and Optimine.