As part of a continual review process, the Carlson Executive MBA and Full-Time MBA Programs will roll out updates to its curriculum, starting fall 2015, that build upon key strengths of the Carlson School—experiential learning programs taught by top-notch faculty and ties to a rich metropolitan business community.

The curriculum prepares each and every student to address emerging challenges in today’s business environment, and leverages their unique strengths to foster leadership skills.

Starting Fall 2015: Carlson Full-Time MBA program

Leadership training amps up across program

Full-Time MBA students will develop their leadership toolkit from day one of the program, through graduation. Led by General Mills Chief Learning Officer Kevin Wilde, students will explore areas for improvement and leverage their own strengths to become better leaders, discover how to motivate and collaborate with others, and develop the skills necessary to lead organizations amid challenging environments.

Pre-program work prepares new students to dive into business topics

The incoming class of Full-Time MBA students will take three courses in the summer prior to their first semester. These courses–accounting, finance, and economics–give students from all educational backgrounds a solid foundation of knowledge to thrive in the rigorous first semester of the Full-Time MBA Program, and move more quickly toward advanced concepts.

Elective courses ready students for Enterprise Programs and internship success

To ensure they have the knowledge necessary to succeed in their chosen Enterprise Program, students will have increased flexibility to choose specialized elective courses prior to participating in an Enterprise. Additionally, these courses prepare students for internships early in the MBA program.

Starting Fall 2015: Carlson Executive MBA program

Elective options offer timely topics, and increased networking

In the spring semester of both years of the program, Carlson Executive MBA students choose from four elective courses to get the latest knowledge on topics covering a variety of subject areas and interests. These elective courses will serve students from both the first- and second-year Executive MBA cohorts, allowing them to integrate further with their colleagues in both cohorts and expand their networks.

Leadership training amps up across program

Led by General Mills Chief Learning Officer and Carlson School Leadership Fellow Kevin Wilde, Carlson Executive MBA students will develop a self-directed leadership development plan, covering seven dimensions of executive leadership growth, including a comprehensive 360 assessment with personal feedback.  Throughout the two-year program, students will track their progress toward their personalized leadership development goals, and build routines to grow as leaders beyond graduation.