Wins Outstanding Undergraduate Registered Student Organization of the Year category.

The Business Association of Multicultural Students (BAM), a Carlson School student-run organization that serves multicultural students from across the University's Twin Cities campus, was recently awarded a Tony Diggs Excellence Award in the category of Outstanding Undergraduate Registered Student Organization of the Year.

The annual award recognizes student group achievements during the previous calendar year and is open to all Campus Life Programs and Registered Student Organizations, which include registered student groups who serve undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

"It's incredible to realize we've finally been recognized for all of the hard work we've put in," says junior Vallari Ajgaonkar, president of BAM. "We're the only organization that caters to multicultural students and business students in all disciplines of business. The fact that we are being recognized as a unique organization, but one that is exceedingly exceptional through its uniqueness is incredible."

Some of the accomplishments for which BAM is being recognized in the 2011 calendar year are its expansion of its campus outreach, the development of an intricate financial management system to maximize its funds, and its marketing efforts that helped the organization achieve record attendance to most of its events.

BAM is one of the first clubs to be established at the Carlson School and provides students of different races, backgrounds, colleges, and majors the opportunity to build relationships in the community and in their career interests. The organization serves more than 100 members and is supported by 19 corporate sponsors - the most of any Carlson School-affiliated organization.

In addition to the Tony Diggs award, BAM has recently received other awards and notable accomplishments. The organization was awarded the Outstanding Innovative Marketing Award by Carlson Business Board in April. Some of its members were nominees for Carlson School student "of the year" awards, including Vallari Ajgaonkar, who won the overall Student of the Year award. Plus, Miles Swammi, BAM's previous president, was selected as the student speaker for this year's undergraduate commencement ceremony.