It's not every day a PhD-IR alum from the University of Minnesota retires from her teaching job while another one takes her place. But as fate would have it, Nancy Bereman, '83 PhD-IR, retired after more than 33 years of teaching at Wichita State University and David Yoon, '13 PhD-HRIR, took over as Assistant Professor of Management in the same department last fall.

"I have been so excited having such a highly qualified scholar and teacher take my place," Bereman said. "The skill set that David brings is exactly what we need. I transferred to him digital teaching resources that I have developed over the years, and he kindly took most of the books that I had collected over the 33 years I taught at WSU!"

While Bereman is eager to spend time writing two historical fiction novels, forming a WSU HR Alumni Association, and traveling, Yoon is starting his second semester teaching, and looking forward to forming relationships with students.

"I love the content that I teach, but at the end of the day, I believe people are what matter to me as a teacher," Yoon says.

Bereman earned her B.A. and M.B.A. degrees at Wichita State, so it was a natural choice to teach there once she earned her doctorate at Minnesota. Yoon, on the other hand, was attracted to the school because of its influential faculty, and was delighted to see that Bereman was among them.

"My transition to Wichita State has felt like simply switching offices among colleagues in CHRLS 3-300," Yoon said, referring to the office suite where he spent his recent academic career.

Yoon was first attracted to academia by his parents' academic careers, but later by the sense of purpose he found in academia.

"Being a South Korean, I've always wanted to contribute to bridging the gap between the North and the South," Yoon said.

Though both Bereman and Yoon have fond memories of the students, faculty, and staff at the University of Minnesota, they also have very vivid memories of the harsh winters.

"Long, bitter winter nights where the sun sets early and when one has to bike back to the Como Student Co-op from Carlson in deep snow is something I would never want even for my worst enemies," Yoon joked.