While the MA-HRIR program boasts internationally known faculty who are widely published and experts in a range of fields, adjunct instructors also bring a unique perspective and HR expertise to the classroom.

Senior Lecturer Travis Tubre earned an MS and PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Texas A&M University. For the past 14 years, he has worked as a psychology professor at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. He became affiliated with the MA-HRIR program in 2002 after he taught a few guest lectures on staffing, training, and development at the Carlson School. 

“The students must have enjoyed the lectures, because not too long afterward, I was invited to teach a course in the program,” he says.

Tubre now teaches approximately one night a week throughout the fall or spring term. He continually returns to the Carlson School because of the “unbelievable interactions” he has with students.

“Having the opportunity to work with talented students with such a variety of work-related and culturally diverse experiences is extremely rewarding,” he says.

Tubre also describes teaching as a tremendous learning opportunity for himself.

"I get a window into how different companies implement HR practice across a variety of diverse settings," Tubre sys. "Hopefully, my students feel the same way."

Visiting Instructor Mike Davis teaches the Executive Compensation course in the MA-HRIR program. His first job after college was as a computer programmer at a Chicago bank. Over the years, he transitioned into the world of HR, holding a position as a compensation consultant at Towers Perrin. He then joined General Mills for 18 years in the HR field, and recently retired after seven years as their chief human resources officer

“I had lots of fun along the way, met many great people, and learned continuously,” he says about his work experiences.

In 2006, Davis was guest lecturing around the country while consulting. He moved to Minnesota, connected with the Center for Human Resources and Labor Studies, and offered to teach.

“My first teaching assignment was a bit less planned, but I have been a regular since my beginning,” Davis says.

Davis believes that he learned a lot from many great compensation experts over the years, and was thrilled that he had a way to share his knowledge with others through the Carlson School. In addition, he loves seeing students succeed. “It's exciting to hear from former students who now work, or have worked, in compensation roles after graduation,” he says.

The Center is thrilled to have dedicated adjunct instructors who deeply care about teaching students and helping them grow their HR knowledge and skills. Brenda Carriere, associate director of the Center, is thankful for the wealth of professional experience that adjunct instructors bring to the program.

“We have the benefit of having a large pool of alumni and friends of the Center who want to give back to the program,” she says. “Many of them have had top positions in the HR field and are willing to share their knowledge with our students. It’s a win-win for us!”

Current MA-HRIR Adjunct Instructors