Gupta, Curley, and Adomavicius honored for "CoCoA - Continuous Combinatorial Auction"

Professors Alok Gupta and Shawn Curley and Associate Professor Gedas Adomavicius recently won the 2011 INFORMS Information Systems Society Design Science Research Award for their work, "CoCoA - Continuous Combinatorial Auction." The award, shared with Pallab Sanyal, '09 PhD, now an assistant professor at George Mason University, was presented at the December Workshop on Information Technology and Systems, held in conjunction with the International Conference on Information Systems in Shanghai, China.

The four researchers developed a comprehensive research stream in which they designed, built, validated, and evaluated a bidding environment to facilitate the adoption of complex combinatorial auctions, where bidders compete for bundles of goods.

This research aims at lowering the cognitive burden on users so that combinatorial auctions can be implemented in practice and the marketplaces can benefit from its beneficial properties. The work follows the design science paradigm and uses a combination of computational, economic, and behavioral approaches, including lab experiments.

The research produced a stream of publications and was funded by the National Science Foundation.

Each winner will share a prize of $1,000 made possible by the INFORMS Information Systems Society and the University of Arizona's Management Information Systems Department.