• Global Learning

    In today’s interconnected world, having a robust global identity is essential— for reasons both professional and personal.

  • Xiaofeng Oiu

    To many people, knives and dental chairs are the stuff of nightmare fuel. But for two China Executive MBA (CHEMBA) graduates, these objects represent dreams come true.

  • Malcolm and Sonia McDonald

    When Malcolm “Mac” McDonald, ’60 BSB, was a student many years ago, the career center—called the placement office—was relatively nondescript.

  • Akansha Ashokan

    Our Career Centers help point the way from education to career.

  • Brian Gerhardson

    Alumnus Brian Gerhardson’s $6 million commitment to support student scholarships is inspired by the indelible impact of a college education.

  • Anna Resman

    Anna Resman is giving back to the school where she launched her career.

  • We sat down wih Annie Young-Scrivner, ’04 CEMBA and Chief Executive Officer of Godiva Chocolatier, Inc.

  • Raffy Maristela

    We asked 3 people 3 questions to find out what is on their minds.

  • Diane Paauwe

    Diana Paauwe, '03 MBA, shares her words of wisdom.

  • Indu Damodar

    Indu Damodar, a senior studying management information systems with a finance major, says the career center has been a central part of her story as a Carlson student.