Inside Carlson

  • MSBA Students

    Using Hennepin County data, the Carlson Analytics Lab team tested 92 variables, such as income level, number of dependents, and education level, to determine if there was correlation between combinations of variables and renters being evicted. By the end of the semester, a team of MSBA students was making the impact they had hoped, identifying variables that could contribute to someone’s risk for eviction

  • Kallie McBride 100

    Kallie McBride, (‘14 BSB) and Caitlyn McCarthy (‘14 BSB) went from student mentees to professional mentors, helping Carlson School students grow.  

  • Paul Dixon

    Paul Dixon and his cousin Lehman Riley have started a book company called Papa Lemon Books as a way to honor their grandfather.

  • Catherine and Kaizen Yang

    Catherine Wang Yang, (BSB ‘08 & MBA ‘15) and Kaizen Yang (MBA ‘15) are passionate about assisting prospective students in their graduate education journeys.

  • Volunteer Speakers

    Robert Hill (BSB ‘14) & Emily Mack-Olson (HRIR ‘09) give advice and share real-world experiences with students in Carlson School classrooms as volunteer speakers.

  • Alex Johnson

    After recovering from a career-threatening injury, U.S. figure skater Alex Johnson is embarking on the next phase of his life as a Carlson School undergrad.

  • Marketing in Action

    Carlson undergraduates prepare for the data-driven marketing world in Associate Professor Joe Redden’s class.

  • Collaboration

    Professor KK Sinha and Executive Leadership Fellow Jim Prokopanko team up for a groundbreaking article. 

  • Hormel CEO Jeff Ettinger and Prof. Mark Bergen


  • Rand Park Thumbnail

    Senior Lecturer Rand Park provides many Carlson School students with a formal introduction to business ethics.